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Parents should always have a role in their children’s education – make your voice heard!
Eugene School District 4J will hold a School Board election for four seats (Positions 1, 4, 5, and 7) on May 16, 2023. Voters can cast their ballot for four total school board candidates—one from each position.
Recent District News:
Click each candidate’s name to learn more about their priorities and positions.


Bratland advocates “a renewed focus on the basic skills of reading, writing and math.”


Bratland has criticized a recent “sexual fantasy assignment” in a local high school.


Bratland says he’s running because he’s “fed up with the divisive politics replacing real educational success.”


Bratland has called for “responsive, accountable leadership that listens to parents and delivers results.”


Visit Dr. Michael Bratland’s website and Facebook to learn more.

Dr. Michael Bratland has five children of his own and two foster children. He is a dentist.

Di Liberto said a bill that would prevent teachers from discussing sexuality in kindergarten classrooms was “cruel.”


Di Liberto wants to “fully engage with our community to faithfully use our equity tools.”


Di Liberto believes students should take fewer standardized tests.


Visit Tom Di Liberto’s website and Facebook to learn more.

Tom Di Liberto is a father and currently serves on 4J’s Budget Committee.

*Juan-Carlos Valle has withdrawn from the race, but will still appear on the ballot.

Juan-Carlos Valle works for the United States Social Security Administration.


Hamilton has argued that the school board needs to be more transparent.


Hamilton believes the district needs to “be responsible with our budget, and stop spending down all of our hard-earned reserves.”


Visit Rick Hamilton’s website and Facebook to learn more.

Rick Hamilton is a father and retired Oregon State Trooper.

Lafer believes the Our Whole Lives sexuality education program is “generally great.”


Lafer helped create a position for an “equity coach” to serve the school board, superintendent and senior district leadership.


Visit Dr. Gordon Lafer’s website and Facebook to learn more.

Dr. Gordon Lafer is a father and currently serves on the Eugene School District 4J School Board.


Johnson says he will emphasize “clear communication with students, parents, school district administration, unions, and taxpayers.”


Johnson wants to “contribute to enhancing our public school outcomes and improving the community’s perception of public education.”


Johnson is endorsed by the Parents’ Rights in Education PAC.


Visit Grant Johnson’s website and Facebook to learn more.

Grant Johnson has five children and two grandchildren. He is an Air Force Veteran.

Jonak’s top priority is listed as “Disability Justice,” followed by “Racial and Social Equity,” and then “Student Success.”


Jonak wants to prioritize “neuro-diversity training and identification using updated models for girls and children of color.”


Jonak wants to reduce standardized testing in schools.


Visit Jenny Jonak’s website and Facebook to learn more.

Jenny Jonak is a mother of four and an attorney.


Sutherland wants to “prioritize academic excellence and educational basics such as Reading, Writing and Math.”


Sutherland believes politics need to be removed from schools.


Visit Timothy Sean Sutherland’s website to learn more.

Timothy Sean Sutherland is a father and sales director in the insurance market.

Munro believes “the district’s equity efforts must continue and grow.”


Munro fundraises through ActBlue, a tool “for Democratic candidates up and down the ballot.”


Visit Morgan H. Munro’s website and Facebook to learn more.

Morgan H. Munro is a mother and consultant.

You can only vote by mail in this election. To learn more about requesting a mail-in ballot, visit the Oregon Board of Elections website. The last day for ballots to be mailed to voters is May 2.

To confirm you live within Eugene School District 4J, visit the district’s boundary map.

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